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We are always looking for new, engaging content to share on our website. We welcome health, fitness, and lifestyle writers to write for us high-quality articles. That provides unique perspectives of your personal experiences or expertise in the field you write about. Lastly, if accepted we will publish it immediately.

Before submitting your article, read the guidelines carefully. If it does not fall under one of these categories then we welcome submissions in most other areas with open arms.

The types of articles accepted on begreatday.com are listed below:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle

Important Note: We also don’t accept any promotional or Sales posts.

Check before Submission​

Before you write for us, we would like to tell you that our already published articles are a great source of inspiration if your post has similar interests as ours. In order not only to make it original but also to follow the style and structure used in those pieces- check them out.

  • Firstly, PLR articles not accepted.
  • Has a clear, innovative thesis that offers real-life solutions.
  • Be bold and human with your writing.
  • Don’t submit your guest posts with spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • the article should fit in with the theme of our blog, and we’re willing to tweak it if necessary.
  • Accepted only one Dofollow Link.
  • Moreover, heading( H1, H2, H3, etc) should be added in the right way.
  • Lastly, links should be included with the proper anchor text. But only those links that provide value to readers (according to search engines). Only certain types of anchors can be added. For example, sites, where there is no direct mention by name or content shared between pages, will not qualify as relevant unless they relate back in some way towards whatever topic you’re writing about at hand.

Article Format​

  • Firstly, Do proper keyword research KD should be below 25, and Search volume should be Above 1.5K.
  • Advertisement
  • SEO title, Slug, SEO Description, and tags Should be added.
  • Moreover tags search volume should be high.
  • Add more than 2 images in Content and 1 image for the featured images.
  • Images should be creative commons and give credit ( if available).
  • Lastly, The file Should be in. Docs format.

How to Publish

After completing all steps, send Us your guest posts at our email: [email protected],  or Contact Us or Moreover, we will review it, if accepted we will notify you and publish it on begreatday.com.

After Publishing guest posts you have to do share them on your social media accounts by tagging our social media accounts.

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For search in with the category add the name of the category with a search query like this:

  • “Write for us” health
  • “Write for us” weight loss
  • yoga “Write for us”
  • “Write for us” health tips
  • “Write for us” fitness
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