Why should you visit the Rajmachi trek?

Rajmachi trek

Well holiday destinations are best because holidays are best; of course who doesn’t like Holidays.

But if you plan to go to Rajmachi trek me tell you why you should go to this trek and what special it is in it that you should definitely visit this place.

Where is it located?

People living in Maharashtra must have heard about this fort as it is one of the popular forts in Maharashtra situated between two famous hill stations of the state named Lonavala and Karjat. If doing a full climb then you can start from the Kondhane side where it will generally take 2.5 – 3 hours to reach the fort but if you want to do a short trek then you can start from Lonavala and from the base village named Udhewadi.

History of the fort

This fort has a great significance in historical time as it played an important role in the first Anglo – Maratha war. It is also declared as a protected monument and there are great historical stories related to this fort which you can hear from the guide or the local people there. This fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1657 which was established by the Satavahanas. But in 1818 British took over this fort as the Maratha Kingdom collapsed.


The Rajmachi fort has two fortresses also known as the twin fortresses named Shriwardhan and Manaranjan.

Why should you visit this fort?

This trek is about 16 km long and is at an average height of about 2750 ft. It is recommend to climb because  ordinary vehicles like swift, wagon R, maruti 800 etc  cannot pass through those routes. Strong vehicles which have the utility to go through harsh routes like Mahindra, Tata sumo etc can taken as the path is rough. Once you reach the top you will be experiencing the most mesmerizing view of your life surrounded with lush green mountains, beautiful clouds, hills and what not. You must be jealous of those ancient people who used to live here and wake up with these amazing scenic views everyday blessing their eyes with this natural beauty because I am.

The main attraction of this fort is the amazing ancient architecture which most of the historic lovers are in the awe of. With this fort and it’s architecture one can understand what and how people at that time used to plan the architectural layouts, design and the culture of those times. You will also come across with the beautiful green valleys, gushing waterfalls and vast variety of flora and fauna. It is surrounded by forests from all sides not less than a green heaven and thus there is a good variety of species like animals and insects.


The Kataldhar Waterfall during monsoons and the twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala can seen from the southeast. You can get the best pictures near the waterfall during the monsoon season. An amazing picturesque scenic view and atmosphere which will make you feel not to go back home. Trust me you will miss this place because you don’t get to view such sceneries every day, right?

You can also view the valley that runs through the Hill stations, as well as Valvan Dam, Tungarli Dam, and Duke’s nose at the end of the road. From Shrivardhan fort, you can view Monkey Hill on the right.

When should you visit?

The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons between June – October and the monsoon leaves a beautiful trail to visit this place making a thrilling and challenging experience for the travelers to travel and climb up. Another reason to visit during that time is that during monsoons the barren mountainous and hilly regions are fully lush green and filled with green grasses, meadows, trees, plants etc making the place more and more beautiful.


The rainwater drips through the forts and the fortresses through its walls which refreshes you both mentally and physically.

During monsoons, the forest near it is dense and moist thus creating a cool and moderate atmosphere near the fort where the temperature ranges between 24-29 degrees Celsius.

You can also come here post monsoons in November and December when the forest still holds the rainwater and is moist and dense thus creating cool and chilled winter nights and days where the temperature goes down till  17 degree Celsius. During these times you can camp around the fort with bonfires while chilling in your tents and having lunch. Another beautiful experience during these times is stargazing with all your loved ones.

It is advised not to go during the summer season from March – May as that time will be very exhausting because the temperature ranges between 21-35 degree Celsius making it hot and tired.

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