White Spots on Teeth? Causes of White Spots on Teeth

White Spots on Teeth

We all want to have a beautiful smile, but no one wants bad breath. Everyone wants their teeth clean and beautiful. But often your teeth get damaged due to many reasons. There are many reasons that are responsible for your teeth decay. You will find some of these in this article. White spots on teeth are also a common cause that affects your smile. If you’ve found white spots on your teeth, don’t worry! You will find all answers.

Why do people have white spots in their teeth?

White spots on teethes are not a serious problem in adults. But it spoils people’s smiles and makes them feel self-conscious. These white spots on your teeth look like black spots on your white face. That is the reason people think that it has an impact on their self-esteem. As time progresses, these white spots will become hard to remove.

These white spots on teethes are mainly due to the removal of minerals like chlorine from your teeth. Chlorine gives your teeth natural white color. Due to discoloration of teeth, the natural white sheet disappears,s and a new slightly different white shade appear on your teeth. As we early said these white spots are not dangerous for your teeth but a sign of tooth decay. So here in this article, we will deeply discuss the causes treatments, and prevention of white spots on teeth. Here you will find the answer of:

  1. What are the white spots on my teethes?
  2. White spots are natural or not?
  3. What are the causes of tooth discoloration?
  4. Why do people have white spot in their teeth?
  5. What should I do to prevent them from reappearing in the future?
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Main causes of white spots on teeth

Why do people have white spots in their teeth?
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There are several causes of white spots on teeth. Some of them are given below.

1. Dental Fluorosis

The excess consumption of fluoride which causes white spots and decaying of teeth is called dental fluorosis. These white spots on teethes are mainly due to the removal of chlorine from your teeth due to fluoride. Chlorine gives your teeth natural white color. Due to discoloration of teeth, the natural white sheet disappears,s and a new slightly different white shade appear on your teeth. Causes for fluorosis is:

  • Consumption of water that contains an excess amount of fluoride.
  • Uses of supplement that contains fluoride.
  • using toothpaste that contains a high amount of fluoride (Swallowing toothpaste.

This should also be kept in mind that fluoride is good for oral health. A certain amount of fluoride is essential for the health of teeth mainly when teeth are developing g in childhood. For the treatment of fluorosis, you can use micro abrasion that removes the decolored area of the tooth. You can also remove the yellow or brown color of teeth by bleaching which hides the white or yellow spots.

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2. Use of Braces

People who had braces ever before may face the problem of white spots on their teeth. These white spots can be removed easily through time by cleaning teeth regularly. Although bad teeth cleaning, eating, or drinking acidic substances and sugary objects can make them more clear. Prevent yourself from taking acidic drinks and clean your teeth with a brush twice daily.


3. Deficiency of Nutrition or demineralization

As we discussed above that calcium is essential for the teeth. As we know, our tooth enamel is made up of calcium and several minerals. So due to the deficiency of these minerals, your teeth are exposed to white and show decalcified spots. Another main reason for demineralization is bacterial buildup. This is due to poor hygiene of the mouth cavity. These bacterias become stronger in an acidic environment and attack the enamel.

You can feel cavities due to demineralization. If you are not feeling cavities then there is no need to go to your doctor. You can remove these bacterias by brushing thrice daily. If you are not feeling well then book an appointment with your dentist.


4. High fever and medications

White spots on teethes due to high fever and medications are common in children because their teeth are in the process of developing. This is mainly caused by using antibiotics. In adults, high fevers and taking medications cause weakened enamel and allow white spots to appear. In order to protect your child or yourself don’t use medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Avoid taking antibiotic medicine.

5. Plaque accumulation

There are many causes of these white spots on teeth, but the most common one is plaque which is a mixture of food particles and saliva that sticks to the tooth surface and hardens into tartar (calculus). It’s important to take care of your teeth because cavities can result if this tartar isn’t removed by brushing your teeth properly. If plaque is deposited on your teeth in excess amount then book an appointment with your doctor.

6. Enamel hypoplasia

Enamel hypoplasia is a condition where the size of enamel becomes thinner than the average size of enamels. This condition of tooth is also called the tuners tooth. Just as fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia occurs during the process of development of teeth in childhood. Hypoplasia also affects adults. This condition is mainly due to many factors such as deficiency of essential nutrients e.g. calcium and magnesium in the balanced diet, high fever, premature baby, trauma to the tooth, taking medications during illness.

Smoking during pregnancy is also a common cause of hypoplasia. If you smoked tobacco while you were pregnant, your child might have this condition which results in white spots on the teethes. Genetic inheritance also causes spots on teeth. If your family members have a white spot on their teethes then there is a big chance that you have spots on your teeth.

You can use teethes bleaching that makes a very thin layer on your affected teethes which makes white spots less noticeable. Do not consume alcohol and tobacco especially during pregnancy.

Final Worlds

This article is only for spreading awareness about spots on teeth that include knowledge about general oral health. Never take it as a bit of professional advice. A person who felt self-conscious about white spots should examine with their dentist.


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