Top Morning Routine Changes to Help Jumpstart Your Brain


How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Did you notice lower energy levels? Are you having a difficult time waking up and staying focused on activities until midday or later? If so, your morning routine needs improvement. Fortunately, you can transform your morning routine starting tomorrow to ensure each morning is better than the previous one. Keep reading for top morning routine changes to help jumpstart your brain.

Stretch every morning

Every morning should start with stretches to allow your brain to feel the increase of energy. It will boost your mood and help muscles wake up properly. As a result, your body will function more efficiently. Not only will you feel more alert after stretching, but your muscles won’t be sore or stiff. Improve muscle tightness and joint stiffness, and enhance circulation and body flexibility by doing lower-back stretches. Slowly bend over as you sit on the bed with your feet firmly on the ground. Try reaching your hands toward your feet and arch your back afterwards. Improve the feeling in your neck by slowly rotating your neck in a circle, as you’re seated on your bed. Rotate the head clockwise and counterclockwise a few times. You can also do shoulder stretches if you feel that part of your body needs to lose tension.

Do morning cardio exercises

After stretching, cardio exercises will help you properly wake up and feel the energy boost to perform well at work and feel your best. Do you like to jog? Maybe you’d rather swim? Whether you prefer to do morning laps or morning spins on a bicycle as you listen to your favourite music

, cardio exercises will do wonders for your body and mind. A stationary bicycle is a good alternative when the weather is cold or rainy, and you don’t want to risk catching a cold outside.


Early bird meditation

Did you know that meditation can help you feel more focused? On top of that, it’ll help you learn how to breathe correctly. Introduce meditation into your morning routine to start another working day with calmness and focus. Allow your brain to wake up to a serene environment where you’ll calm your mind. Breathe deeply as your brain gets enough oxygen to stay alert and keep you concentrated all morning long.

Strengthen your body and mind

With vigorous morning strength training, you’ll wake up your muscles and your mind. From bodyweight exercises to exercises on fitness equipment – the choice of an ideal strength training is yours. Don’t waste your time, but shop the best women’s activewear online and start your morning strength exercises in style. You can use dumbbells, fitness balls or bands for your morning workout routine. Thanks to resistance training, you’ll be more focused and successfully keep your anxiety under control. Start easy by doing a basic squat and arm reach. Continue by walking your hands forward into a plank with shoulders over the wrists. Either stay in a plank position for 10 seconds or do 10 push-ups. To finish, lie down, keeping your legs up toward the ceiling. Lower the legs down a few inches, then bring them back up to strengthen your abs and the core.

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Put the phone away

How many hours a day do you use your phone? Have you checked your screen time statistics lately? If it shows more than 4 hours a day, you’re overusing your smartphone. However, those are just the statistics for your phone. But how much time do you spend in front of the tv or computer? If you think about it, you often spend an entire day in front of a screen. Only when you’re asleep does your brain get a chance to rest and not be under the influence of display lights. To help your brain wake up quicker, modify your bedtime routine. Leave the phone in a different room or far away from your bed so you cannot see or touch it. Get an alarm clock to wake you up instead of your phone. Try to turn off your phone at least an hour before going to bed, and don’t use it for the first two hours in the morning. You’ll notice an improvement in your mental health and ability to focus.


Have a morning ritual

Waking up should be a happy occasion where you’ll dedicate some time to your thoughts and activities that help you stay focused. One of the best ways to do that is to have a ritual. Whether you want to make your bed immediately after getting up, or write a journal, perform activities that will calm your mind but keep you alert for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Do dreams keep intriguing you? Sit back in your comfy armchair as you sip on your morning cup of joe and analyse your dreams from the previous night. Start a morning routine that makes you feel like yourself.

Final thoughts

Your brain works even when your body doesn’t so offer it a good morning jumpstart if you aim for a productive day. With the suggestions we’ve listed, you’ll successfully modify your morning routines, which will contribute to better focus.

Written by Brigitte Evans


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