The Science to maintain Perfect health without doing Exercise or Diet

An average human being can maintain an attention span for up to 5 seconds without conscious intent. However, the power of human potential is unprecedented once consciousness comes into the picture. Humans can maintain still attention on one point of focus for days as well as years. It is possible. Today, people may call such a person crazy but this single-minded focus is what results in many major knowledge breakthroughs. Today, we believe health has only two broad dimensions: physical and mental. These two dimensions can affect each other to an extent but when we try to create a balance between them. We look at them as discrete states which have a slightly positive correlation but don’t have a direct consequential relationship. However, the relationship between them is actually multi-dimensional and indirect.

There was a study conducted at Ohio University, the experiments highlighted that Imagining your exercise regime can give similar results to actual exercise. Only actions can have an equal and opposite reaction, how can reaction be present when there is no action?


Well, the power of imagination is massive. It can even deliver superior results to actual activity. Only imagination is the barrier. Similarly, your entire physical and mental health can be manifested using the power of imagination, without Diet or Exercise. The only challenge remains with Imagination. Most people do not possess a lucid imagination. If you ask someone to imagine an apple, they will imagine a red apple while green apples exist too. The mind is fixate and the image is never clear in the head. If asked to imagine the scene of the room you are in, you will still not be able to get the details clearly.

The Science of Imagination

As time passes, we find that majority of our imaginings are not clear, we are unable to focus on an object with a detailed focus for a consistent stretch of time. Consciousness is the reason that imagination can actually realize things for us. All thoughts, emotions, and imaginings are basically electromagnetic in nature, they carry a message which can be coded and decode. Recently, scientists have been able to successfully transfer thought from one creature to another using machine. These electromagnetic waves can carry information, just as the common technology, we all have loved to use called WiFi. Certain thoughts can send signals to the brain in the form of neural impulses, which can consequentially create desired results based on the body’s cellular memory. When we look at the quantum level and break every activity down to waves and particles, it starts to make sense that all actions and reactions are actually communicated through waves. That is the language that is in-built within. We have not become conscious enough to manipulate the waves but we can still manipulate the thoughts, emotions, and imaginings that control the response of electromagnetic waves.


How can Diet and Exercise help catalyze the Process?

Well, diet is known to have many benefits, it is always advisable to eat consciously, chew each morsel and savor each bite. Eat not just to fill your stomach but savor each bite or sip, go slow and taste everything. Observe your eating process rather than graze like cattle until you are full. Similarly, it is advisable that exercise should be less frequent and more intense for best results. This is the best thing we can do to experience highly intense exercise. Imagination is easier when backed by experience, So, experience exercises occasionally.

When this conscious way of health is adopt, you can experience the best results using the power of imagination combined with the zeal of conscious and spiritual marketing experience.


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