Save your love according to astrology

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If you want to save your love, then definitely do these given measures. With this remedy, you can get your love.

Love is a complicated relationship. It is extremely important that the thought processes and mental attitudes of the two persons should match. Even, luck plays an important role in defining your love life, and not everyone gets the love they want.

As a result, they have a hopeless life. Astrology plays an important role in determining the course of our love life and ensuring its success. Some remedies can help someone rekindle their lost love, strengthen their bond or even find their true love or a life partner. Follow these steps to ensure that you enjoy a successful, joyful, and harmonious love life.

Astrological tips for a successful love life

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Having a successful love life is vital to overall success and happiness. If a person does not get the love of his/her choice, it can lead to an unhappy and depressed state which can prove to be harmful to life. Then, Astrology remedies are useful for this.


Get a proper and accurate horoscope prepared by an expert astrologer as it is important to find out whether any dosha exists in your chart due to malefic planets like mars as they can rid your chances of a good relationship. It is foremost to take proper measures before proceeding.

If you are a girl, you must observe a fast on 16 Mondays popularly known as Solah Somvar. It is believed that by doing this religiously, you can get a future husband of your choice.

Do Rudra Abhishek with honey in Lord Shiva’s temple. Women who are suffering from problems in their love life, should talk to a love marriage astrologer and take remedies.

Love partners should meet on the full moon day as it is believed that it strengthens their relationship.


If you want to charm your life partner or love partner, you should either wear diamond jewelry or jewelry made of zircon or opal as these gems look very similar to diamonds.


After checking your horoscope, wear Rudraksha. The benefits of wearing Rudraksha are just like there is a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha which if worn is believed to bring you the love of your desired person.

To get a life partner’s love, the person should offer a red color saree to Durga Mata and also worship. This effective remedy can help win the love of your life.

If you want to win the heart of the person you love the most, then you must go to any nearby Lord Krishna temple to offer a flute.

There is another remedy in which you should take a betel leaf and write the name of the person you love the most on this leaf and dip it in a jar full of honey. This remedy can bring you very close to the person you love in your life.

Light a lamp or Diya in the name of your beloved partner and put it in the southwest corner of your house.

During the Hindu holy month of Shravan, Ladies or girls should wear green bangles and wear white on Thursdays. These two colors are for the planet, Venus. Venus is known as the planet of love and is believed to control our love affairs.

Chant the mantra with rice “Laxminarayan Namah” in front of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu for three months approx. It should be chanted with crystal prayer beads of 108. It is believed that this chanting brings you a life full field of love and removes all love-related difficulties.

If you love someone or are into a love relationship, then never gift anything that is black as it is considered an inauspicious color.

Also, never gift or give anything that is sharp. Gifting such things can have a negative effect on your love life and it can even break your relationship.


Astrology can give you the solution of your love based on the planetary positions of your birth stars as per your horoscope. Astrology can help in transforming love life. To maintain your love relationship, talk to astrologers.


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