Misconceptions on Shockwave Therapy Explained by Physiotherapy Edmonton

Misconceptions on Shockwave Therapy

In this blog, we will try to explain misconceptions about shockwave therapy.

The root of misconceptions is a lack of full knowledge and wrong information about various things. However, you can always have an extensive conversation with experts, and professionals can be a great way to eradicate the suspicions.

Shockwave Therapy Misconceptions Explained by Physiotherapy Edmonton

There is always a way to eliminate doubts about certain things. Generally, people talk to experts and get proper insights for certain doubts. In the same manner, to keep the misconceptions away regarding shockwave therapy, you need to talk with the experts at pain clinic Edmonton

Not Associated With Threat of Radiation

There are a lot of people who confuse shockwave therapy with ionizing radiation. But in reality, these are two opposite things. These are just sound waves and work by not emitting radiation of any intensity.


Not Only for Kidney Stones

In the beginning, shockwave therapy was introduced, it was used only to remove kidney stones. But with time, when the potential of this therapy was known, it began to be extensively used for more advanced treatments, including various therapies.

Can Help In Situations of Calcification

Patients can experience two kinds, the absence, and presence of it. People were of the view that shockwave therapy was only used for calcification, but research has indicated that it can help in even the absence of it.

Used Only for Dissolving Calcification

Shockwave therapy is not only used for dissolving calcification but other bones and tissue-related issues can be treated with it at chronic pain clinic Edmonton. The sound waves help to activate the cells, which facilitate the healing process.


Combined Treatments with Shockwave Therapy

At times, shockwave therapy is less effective when performed alone. Hence, therapists at pain clinic Edmonton suggest that other forms of treatments like exercises can be combined to make the therapy more effective.

Surgery Is the Last Option

It is a big misconception that surgery is the last option when patients face various disorders and issues of the bones and tissues. However, shockwave therapy is done at pain clinic Edmonton has many advantages that can be a good alternate for surgery.

Wrong Details Regarding One Type of Shockwave Therapy

You must never believe when people say there is only one type of shockwave therapy at chronic pain clinic Edmonton. There are two types that therapists have defined. One is the Extracorporeal, and the second is the radial wave. Both are used to activate the muscle’s pain points.

The Pain Is Not Endurable

The power of the sound waves is not high in shockwave therapy at pain clinic Edmonton. They are the lower frequency that can be explained as equal to the ultrasound waves. At times the frequency increases, but it is still bearable.

Effects of Therapy Is Gradual

The effects of shock therapy can be diversified as the body’s chemistry is different from person to person. So at times, the effects are fast, but some patients report very slow healing.

The Shockwaves Are Dangerous

People often confuse shock therapy with the shock therapy used to treat the mentally sick. However, it is not at all dangerous while conducted under the supervision of an expert.

Repeated Treatment Is a Possibility

For minor issues, the treatment can last for two days at the pain clinic Edmonton. But for persistent pains, the therapy can last for weeks.

Scope of Treatment Has Expanded

With the advent of technology, the use of shockwave therapy has also increased. Now, this therapy has also been used to treat sores and wounds that are severe.

Pains In Between Treatments Can Happen

There are many types of frequent pain that can occur in-between the therapy treatments. The patients do not have to worry as this is normal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently ask questions on misconceptions regarding shockwave therapy explained by physiotherapy Edmonton.

Can shockwave help to cause more pain?

During the process of shockwave therapy, it is a possibility that you may experience redness in the treated area. It can worsen your pain, but this also indicates that the healing process is completely normal, and pain will decline within a day or two.

What should not done after shockwave ?

It is suggestion that you abstain from any activity that stresses the treated area for at least 24 hours after a shockwave treatment. For instance, if you have received shockwave therapy for your Achilles tendon pain, we strongly recommend that you must not run for 24 hours after each treatment.

Is shockwave also consider physiotherapy?

Shockwave is a physiotherapy treatment for various injuries and chronic conditions. For example, a pneumatic generator delivers high-density and high-powered sound waves to promote blood flow, split up aggravating calcium deposits, and speed up the healing process.


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