Is THC oil the New Gamer Companion?

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There are different ways gamers can enhance their performance without necessarily having an undue advantage over others. This position is controversial. Many people consider THC a performance-enhancing substance.

Although cannabis is widely used as a recreational drug, many countries are yet to accept it. Unfortunately, research into its effect on sports is still limited due to government restrictions.

THC, one of the compounds derived from the cannabis plant, refers to tetrahydrocannabinol, the main compound responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis, that is, the substance responsible for feeling “high.” THC can be accessed in many ways, and THC oil is just one of them, and is made by suspending the THC in substances like MCT oil. Of course, THC oil has the same effect as other forms of THC. One can consume it in flowers, cannabis-infused edibles (like candies), tinctures, and topicals.

So, what is the relationship between this substance and gamers?

Gaming and THC

Video gaming involves the more effective use of the mind, eyes, and hands, and the performance of these parts may be impacted by the delta 10 legality in Texas. When you play e-games for recreational purposes, there can be no issues about what role THC oil plays in your performance.

However, the effects of THC oil and other performance enhancers are facing more scrutiny. The eSports administrators are constantly testing gamers for different types of “drugs.” Let’s say a little about gaming before we go on. Gaming itself is like a form of therapy. Even if it now takes a competitive dimension and may be slightly more taxing than the relaxation sport it was meant to be, it is still a way to relax, especially after a long, hard day.

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Why are gamers falling in love with THC?

Some of the reasons gamers are now turning to THC oil is that THC activates the parts of the brain responsible for pleasure, memory, and thinking. While it may not boost cognitive function in any particular way, it is known to put the gamer in a state where better decisions can be made. You’re likely going to perform better when you’re more relaxed. 

THC oil is one of the most potent or concentrated forms of THC you can ingest, and it is known to potentially help reduce pain, especially with those fighting cancer, and improve sleep. For gamers, THC oil enhances the mood of the mind and allows the player to focus better. Although active use of the oil during competitive gaming is not permitted, gamers find using THC oil very fulfilling and rewarding. They are becoming a great companion of players.

Does THC Improve Gaming Performance?

THC, however, isn’t known to necessarily improve athletic performance or cognitive function, especially for gamers. This is because, rather than improving cognitive function, THC impairs or relaxes cognitive function, which can only be a disadvantage for gamers. This is one of the reasons the use of THC oil in physical sports and gaming is still quite controversial, as users argue that it doesn’t enhance performance.

They have a point. THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is known to stimulate the brain, not to rigorous activity but relaxation. It releases the relaxing hormones in the brain, making you more relaxed than alert. There’s no way this can give gamers any unfair advantage. However, cannabis contains more than just THC; and many other compounds; it has been known to boost brain activity and improve athletic ability positively. That’s why it is not debatable that cannabis is regarded as a performance enhancer, even for gamers. But THC?


Research has proven that THC and games go hand in hand. In other words, it can improve your e-gaming performance. Many things contribute to marijuana’s ability to boost performance while playing the game.

THC is known to improve focus and performance, according to studies. This ability to boost memory and focus is also reflected in gaming, as supported by various studies. However, this is surprising as weed is notorious for negatively affecting memory and cognition. However, many gamers have attested to the fact that cannabis fueled their concentration and gaming experience.

Besides the effect on focus, THC can also help relax the tense muscle, which is an advantage while playing the game. Its soothing effect on stress and anxiety can keep you calm, focused, and relaxed enough to give your best while playing. Your performance automatically improves when playing with a calm head.

Many gamers who played while high report a better connection with the game and flow with the storyline. It increases their dexterity with automatically improved skills.

There’s hardly anyone who plays a worse game with the aid of THC oil. And that’s why more and more gamers are turning to it.

With all these outstanding benefits, it is not surprising that THC oil is the new gamers’ companion.


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