Everything You Need To Know About Joint Pain


A joint is formed when two bones connect. All these joints are beneficial to provide support and help in movement. There are some diseases and injuries that can affect the joints. Well, movement can get affected if you have any disease or injury.

You must know how to reduce joint pain and improve movement. Such injury or disease can cause pain in the joints and also affect your movement. Let’s find out everything about joint pain.

What Can Cause Joint Pain?

As you age, there are a number of conditions that can affect your body and joints. You must know what is causing the pain in your joints. It might be possible that aging is causing pain. One of the most common joint pain is knee pain. You may also experience some of the common joint pain, such as hip pain and shoulder pain. Your doctor may order an MRI test. You can check MRI test prices in Pakistan Online.

There are various types of joint pain as it can affect any part of the body. Some people may also experience pain in their hands.

Here are some causes that can lead to joinst pain.

Gout is a condition that can affect the big toe joint. It is also an arthritis form.


One autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis can also make your body attack the tissues.

Some injuries can cause joints pain, strains, and sprains as well.

Osteoarthritis is a disease and a type of arthritis that is known as wear and tear.

A condition known as bursitis can lead to inflamed joint cushions.

You may experience some of the symptoms that may appear as the result of the joint injury or disease. The symptoms may include stiffness, inflammation, and movement loss.

Once the cause of the joints pain is identified, it will be beneficial to get effective treatment.

What Is The Treatment Of Joint Pain?

It depends on the joint pain cause as it may range from mild to moderate. In some cases, you may experience extreme pain which causes discomfort and irritation. Acute joint pain may go away in a few weeks. But chronic joint pain isn’t like this. You may need proper treatment as it can take several weeks or months.

There are some medications that can provide pain relief. Joint pain can lead to serious discomfort and even can affect your daily life activities. Some doctors also suggest physical therapy and other treatments to cure joint pain.


But before the treatment, your doctor will examine overall your health and find the causing factor of the joint pain. Your primary healthcare provider can help to reduce the pain and preserve joint function.

There are some treatments that can help to reduce joint pain.

Medicine: You may experience moderate to severe joint pain. Such a condition may bring on some symptoms like inflammation of the joint or movement loss. Here, your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter medicines to reduce the pain and inflammation. Make sure that you follow the precautions while taking the medicines. To relieve the pain, your doctor may also treat muscle spasms.

Injections: If the other ways cannot bring any improvement in the joint pain, your doctor may try injections, like steroids, platelet-rich plasma therapy, or prolotherapy. Some injections can help to remove the fluids from the joint or insert the synthetic version of the natural joint fluid.

Topical agents

Some topical agents are very helpful to relieve the pain from joints pain. Some topical creams contain capsaicin which can cause burning and stinging when you apply it to the affected area. But the capsaicin in the topical cream can lead to pain relief as it blocks the substance P which sends the pain signals by producing endorphins.

Physical therapy

To strengthen your muscles, physical therapy may work to improve the movement of the body. It helps to stabilize the joint, and boost the motion range. So you can move easily. Some therapists use different techniques to deal with joints pain, such as heat or cold therapy, manipulation, or electrical nerve stimulation.

Sometimes, being overweight is the reason for the increased pressure on the joints which can cause pain. Make sure that you stick with the exercises of low impact. Experts suggest the best exercises like cycling or swimming.

But still, you should discuss with the doctor what type of exercise you should go for.

How to Take Care of Your Joints At Home?

For short-term joints pain, you can do practices at home. PRICE is one of the best methods that you should try at home, it includes:

  • Protection of joint with wrap
  • Resting the joint and do not engage in any activity
  • Ice the affected joint for about 15 minutes
  • Compress the joint with an elastic wrap
  • Elevate the affected joint above the heart

Consult a doctor if you experience severe pain and notice any symptoms.


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