How Can You Get Rid of Under Eye Bags Quickly?

People try everything to get rid of the puffiness under the eyes. Multiple home remedies like keeping tea bags seem to be the best shelter. And even, over-the-counter eye creams are available with their false promises to make a difference overnight. But actually, this is a miracle that only cosmetic science can do.

Or, it’s better to say that when no home remedies make any difference, understand it’s time to have cosmetic treatments.

Under Eye Bags –Causes

Over time, the aging signs start to become more pronounced. Under eye bags are one of them. It appears like a small bag, which is actually sagging.

They start forming because of less collagen and elastin under our skin. Their formation decreases over time. But, this is not the only reason. Genetics, poor sleep and inadequate diet, allergies, excessive sun exposure, and intake of nicotine can cause this damage to your appearance. 

It’s actually the fluid that starts depositing under the lower eyelid. You may call it the buildup of fluid in that region, which causes puffiness or swelling.

Healthier habits and home remedies can make them less visible. But, this can happen for a few days. They are not the permanent solution.

The Popularity of Cosmetic Injectables

To get rid of them for years, you need cosmetic Injectables. They are gaining popularity. If you consider the Australian facial injectable market size, it was worth USD 2.9 billion in 2021. The projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of cosmetic injectables in Coolangatta

and other parts of this continent is expected to reach 26.4% by 2030 from 2022.

These statistics show how reliable these cosmetic treatments are. These are actually non-invasive and successful at delaying aging signs. Many skin specialists combine it with other nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to achieve smooth, radiant, and healthy skin tone and contour.

Here, we’re focusing on treating under eye bags. There are a few cosmetic treatments that prove miracles actually happen. 

  1. Microneedling

This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. This procedure emphasizes how to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and under eye sags. This is basically a science, which utilizes our skin’s regeneration or healing capabilities. The specialist uses ultrafine needles to precisely puncture your skin surface. It causes micro-injuries, which trigger the healing process. This is how the body restarts producing collagen for healing the surface. It improves the laxity of the skin and better the skin cells’ turnover.  

This is actually safe because the skin specialist starts by reviewing your medical history to see if there is any medical condition. He thoroughly examines the skin to ensure that this treatment is appropriate for its texture.

When treated, it all starts with numbing that area using a topical numbing cream. That is applied 30 minutes prior to this procedure. Although it’s not painful, patients feel like being stung. So, this numbing cream actually minimizes that discomfort.

Once over, you can return to your like in dailies. The doctor advises avoiding strenuous workouts or hitting gym for at least 72 hours.

However, there is no side effect. But, you may see slight redness or sensitivity in that region. These are temporary effects that fade away within a couple of days.


The sweet spot is the difference that starts appearing from the very first day. But over days, it continues to get better, smoother, and more youthful.

b. Dermal Fillers

These are naturally extracted protein fibres. They look like gel. The aesthetic doctor recommends this cosmetic injectable after evaluating the condition of your skin. There are different brands that all have Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in their composition. It improves the elasticity of the skin by lubricating from the inside.

There are brands like Juvederm or Restylane that actually stimulate the production of collagen. Once it starts up, the under eyes are turns smoother and radiant. They actually act as a rejuvenating agent, which naturally hydrates skin. Upon getting that elasticity, it naturally looks better.

This is also a lunchtime procedure, which hardly takes half an hour. The best thing is minimal to zero downtime. It means that you are free to do anything after this dermal filler treatment.

Ensure that you sleep with your head up and elevated for a few nights. It helps in minimizing inflammation. Apply sunscreen. Use shades and minimize moving out in the sun. These skin care tips can help you achieve desirable results in a few days.

After that, you just visit the clinic for follow-up treatments. These can help you maintain the results for a long time. 

Besides these, it’s up to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You may follow these tips to do so.

How to Maintain Results?

This can be possible by following a healthy lifestyle. The under eye bags are caused because of water retention. After the cosmetic injectable treatments, you see them fading away. To ensure that they won’t return soon, follow these practices in your routine life:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Have a balanced diet
  • Restrict your salt intake
  • Take adequate sleep
  • Keep lubricating yourself
  • Don’t wear makeup at night
  • Say no to excessive alcohol consumption
  • Elevate your head by using a pillow while sleeping
  • Eat nutrients like iron-rich foods for boosting collagen
  • Put on doctor-recommended sunscreen every day
  • Stay away from allergens (if you are prone to allergies, take an antihistamine if required)
Under Eye

When to See a Doctor?

  • When no home remedies make any difference to your under-eye bags
  • When only one under eye area looks puffy
  • The puffiness turns worse or does not go off
  • Redness or pain in the area

The aesthetician can examine your under-eye bags and find out if this is a medical condition or not. Once it seems no serious condition, he may suggest cosmetic Injectables. So, you should see a certified and trained doctor who has hands-on experience in providing such eye care.

These all suggestions are recommended by certified doctors. Avoid at-home Injectables because only a certified doctor can tell which injectable is the best fit for your condition.


There are multiple cosmetic Injectables that can help in treating under eye bags. They are sags that appear because of aging. However, there are multiple reasons and medical conditions that can also cause puffy under eyes. To treat them, cosmetic Injectables like dermal fillers and micro-needling can help.


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