Best Places to Visit in South Goa

South Goa

The most popular attraction of Goa is North Goa but can you imagine there is another unique place to visit in Goa that is South Goa. This is unique because unlike the North one this is very calm and clean with less footfall. There are many places to visit and make your trip memorable. And here are some of the places, mostly beaches, that you can visit in South Goa.

Cola Beach

This is a stunning beach of South Goa. The most unique thing about Coal Beach is that it is attached to a backwaters unlike any other beaches. As you must do hard work to get something worth it and this proves to be correct for Cola Beach. As this is hard to reach because of the inaccessibility of the roads with the Beach. And it is much safer for you to visit Cola Beach only during daylight hours. Apart from the crashing beaches and waves of water of Cola Beach, you can also take a look at Cola Sea Cliff. The way to get here is relatively easy. The view from here is unforgettable as you can see the entire beach from the top of the cliff.


Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is famous for its sunset and moonrise views. There are many hotels and resorts right in front of the beach that make you more excited as you can comfortably stay all day. And you can note that this is also famous for Yoga retreats. This is located in the extreme south of Goa. Here you can do many water sports like Kayaking, boating, zipline, rafting etc. And as part of boating you will be getting the chance of visiting Butterfly Beach, Honeymoon Beach, Tortoise Rock etc. As part of your visit you can see many dolphins and other fishes that you can see and enjoy.  And from there you can come back to Palolem Beach again.

Butterfly Beach

It is a hidden Beach of Goa and this is so because most of the tourists miss this place visiting but this is a must visit place of South Goa. There are two ways to reach Butterfly Beach and one is by road and the other is via boating from your stay. If you are planning to drive then only to a certain extent your vehicle can reach, so after that you must give work to your legs for at least 1 kilometer. So this can be a kind of trek to the beach. This is an encompassing Beach of blue waters with greenery everywhere along with the rocky mountains. Though this is a small beach as compared with others this is also the cleanest beach of all as there is less footfall. So do visit this hidden Beach and make your day filled with joy and happiness.


Kakolem Beach

This is a beach with two waterfalls making it a unique place in South Goa. The way to reach this place is tricky as you must pass through some unconditioned road with an undulating pathway. As this is a secluded place, the footfall here is very minimal. The most attractive part of this beach is its size itself. It is a very small and isolated one making it a perfect place to spend time with yourself and nature. 

Patnam Beach

This beach gives enormous joy and relaxation as the only thing you must do here is to laze in a beach shack, watch the sea, and listen to the sounds of the waves. Curving 900 meters between two headlands, Patnem beach is not a big busy beach. But it is a broad sandy beach front having everything to relax. Just gazing at the beauty of the sea for hours will give a sense of satisfaction and comfort. This beach is an absolute favorite for international tourists and very less footfall of Indian tourists. And this beach becomes very vibrant in the peak season, full of foreign tourists.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from the usual visits to beaches of Goa, there is a nature’s beauty of Goa that is Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. The route to the Sanctuary itself is soothing. You can see a beautiful waterfall flowing beside a bridge. Netravali waterfall also known as Savari Waterfall is located within this Sanctuary. After you enter, you must do a 1 kilometer trek into the Sanctuary. This can be said to be Goa beyond beaches that have been secluded for years. But if you want to explore Goa then make sure you visit this Sanctuary.


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