Basic Gym Etiquette Rules to Follow For a More Enjoyable Workout

Gym Etiquette

Nothing is worse than being held up or delayed because some idiots thought they knew better than the other guys in the gym. Here are some Basic Gym Etiquette Rules.

1. Be courteous to others in the gym

Be courteous to others in the gym

Always take your spot and place your mat on the mat. Now, it may be more appropriate to sit your mat down but as you are more than likely here to work out and not sit on the gym floor for extended periods of time, please just take your mat and place it properly.


Most gyms have policies regarding customers’ having to arrive before the designated time in order to ensure the proper work-out environment. For your own safety and the sake of others, make sure you stick to the schedule and arrive on time.

Dirty clothes

Just like you are not allowed to bring your dirty gym clothes into the locker room, so are you not allowed to bring your dirty clothes into the gym.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

Look around before and after your workout. Make sure that everything is in order, that there are no threats to your safety, and make sure that nobody is infringing on any personal space.

Exercising with others requires a certain level of sensitivity. If you’re feeling out of breath or uncomfortable, move your workout to another machine or take a break. Everyone else needs to feel comfortable too!

Clean up after yourself

Wipe down any equipment you use. If you spill on it, put some soap and water on it. Rinse it off with a damp towel or use the machine to dry.

Check out your personal space

Some people work out in the same areas that they normally work out in. Others might get up, walk around, and change into a new pair of clothes.

3. Keep your headphones on low

Keep your headphones on low

It is common courtesy to keep your headphones on while working out. You wouldn’t walk around loudly playing music. Thus, you shouldn’t expect others to be making noise while they’re working out, either. In the gym, it is no different than using a busy roadway, you expect to respect the rights of others to be able to exercise their own rights while using the equipment.


Adjust equipment

Before you jump on a cardio machine, make sure you remember to adjust the machine height to your own height. That way, you won’t annoy anyone else by scooting up or down or bumping them while you’re working out. We all have our own personal limits of comfort for ourselves and others, so take the time to adjust your machine.

4. Wipe up any sweat

Some people think that they have to wait till their workout is done before wiping the sweat off of the machine. This isn’t so, it’s the other way around. Simply wipe the machine off of your sweat after you’re done using it. Do not go behind other people, touching and cleaning up the equipment. Be polite and wipe the machine, and yourself off as quickly as possible.

Don’t blast your music

Do not blast your music in the gym unless you are going to train in a very private room or room that has an acoustics system that is better than those of the gym. Keep your tunes turned down. The same goes for headphones. If headphones are plugged in and cranked up, it may be better if you simply unplug them and put them away before they begin to get too loud and distracting.


5. Be mindful of how long you spend in the locker room

The first rule of gym etiquette is: always wait until the locker room is clean. Gym lockers, like anything else in the gym, get pretty gross. They get sweaty, dirty, smelly, and sometimes leak a bit of urine.

Be mindful of how long you spend in the locker room

You don’t want to start your workout with a trip to the shower, so be mindful of how long you spend in there. If the locker room is dirty, don’t use it.

It’s your gym, too, and you have the option to make it a dumping ground for dirty gear as well. Look at your gym bag before you put it on. If there’s a stain or wet spot on it, it’s a good idea to use another bag. You’re just trying to make your gym bag clean, not a dumpster for dirty gear.

6. Follow the rules

6th rule of gym etiquette is to follow the rules. If you don’t, someone will. I used to be guilty of this. I’d text or Snap somebody and then run into them. Crazy, right? But hey, it happens. It may not have been a big deal, but that person certainly didn’t have the same thought in the first place. A gym is a place of respect, and you’ll only earn that respect by following the rules. Here are some of the more basic gym rules you can follow to ensure you’re actually utilizing your time at the gym while making everyone around you happy:

  • Always use a towel to dry off.
  • Don’t take up a spot you aren’t technically allowed to.
  • Always wipe down the equipment before and after you use it.
  • Don’t arrive at the gym during the middle of a class.

7. Don’t be a gym rat

They say that most gyms are overcrowded during working hours, so it is understandable why some of you are already hankering to try out different gyms. To accomplish this, be mindful of those around you, especially if they are regulars. Let’s try and limit ourselves to only a handful of gyms in our travels throughout the week.

Don’t be a gym rat

Instead, go to the gym, work out, shower, and get out. Really. If you like working out and have the cash for a membership, go for it! If you’re in that 12-month plan at the gym, great! You have earned it. But don’t go with a mentality that you have to be a gym rat to be a fitness freak because you’re not.

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When not to go into the workout area

Always remember to first check the equipment before getting into it. Treadmills, elliptical machines, and any other piece of equipment that can take a pounding, always need to be charged. Charging them will also help to extend their life span. If you notice one of your machines or treadmills is old and not in good shape, you can’t go to the gym. Disconnect the cords and head home. If the cord to your heart rate monitor is strangling you, that’s another one you don’t want to have to dodge.

Always check the door

The gym should feel like home, and that’s exactly how it should be. If the main entrance is always closed, don’t expect the door to be unlocked during your workout. Double-check. Take note of where all the mirrors are.


For a more comfortable Workout follow these 7 Gym Etiquette rules. Always work out on time, fix a time, and follow it to best work our results. If you’re a morning person, you’re more than likely already pulling an all-nighter. Wake up 15 minutes earlier, and you’ll have time to get everything together, and your first few sets in. We hope 7 Gym etiquette rules help you a lot in your workout.


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