Athena EMR Reviews

Athena EMR

Athena EMR has a host of benefits for healthcare providers and a patient portal is one of them. In addition to being HIPAA compliant, it allows users to exchange secure messages with patients. It also includes telehealth services. Let’s explore what it has to offer. Read on to learn more about Athena EMR and its pros and cons. You may even decide to sign up for a trial.

Athena EMR has a patient portal

Athena EMR has a patient-friendly portal for accessing medical records and other information. It acts as the online office door between patients and doctors. The patient portal gives patients a convenient way to manage appointments, view lab results, and communicate privately with their care team. Providing patients with this kind of access to their medical records helps them make more informed decisions about their health and well-being. The patient portal is safe and secure, allowing patients to access their information anytime, anyplace.

A patient portal shows the provider’s schedule and allows patients to choose the time that best suits them. Many patient portal systems offer live appointment scheduling, which allows patients to request an appointment on the portal and have it confirmed by the office staff. Once the request is confirmed, the patient portal automatically updates the practice management schedule. Once the patient has completed the patient portal, he or she can access their medical records, view test results, and pay their bills.


It is HIPAA-compliant

If you’re searching for an EMR that meets your needs and your budget, you should look into Athena EMR. This HIPAA-compliant EMR comes with an extensive set of features that makes it easy for doctors and administrators to keep track of patient data. With its customizable services, Athena EMR is easy to use and integrates with accounting software. This HIPAA-compliant EMR is also easy to use, making it a good choice for all types of healthcare facilities.

Athena’s patient portal enables physicians and staff to access and update patient records and information online. This allows physicians and staff to communicate securely and privately with each other. It is also HIPAA-compliant, which means that it protects patient data and helps ensure that no one can see it without their permission. The patient portal also has a built-in messaging tool, which enables doctors and staff to contact each other without risking breaching security.


It allows users to exchange secure messages with patients

Secure messaging capabilities are essential for participating in the Meaningful Use program, which mandates that eligible practices exchange such messages with their patients. The Athena EMR platform can enable users to exchange secure messages with patients through an app, athenaText. The app, available for free, lets users exchange messages using a secure protocol, while at the same time offering built-in drug reference and clear communication.

AthenaHealth’s AthenaClinicals helps providers organize and document patient visits more effectively. With a cloud-based patient portal, providers can send vital information to patients and to each other. The athenaClinicals software allows practitioners to exchange secure messages with patients, while AthenaHealth’s telehealth software is built into the EMR. This means that patients can join appointments without having to download new software.


It offers telehealth services

Athena EMR has integrated telehealth services for patients. The company’s Qure4u service provides digital check-in, consent forms, patient collections, and patient monitoring of vitals and care plans. The system also includes secure messaging and integrates with caretakers’ EHRs. This allows patients to check in from the comfort of their home and practices to manage patient care. It also allows a caretaker to manage patient records and billing with ease.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Athenahealth has seen an increase of 3,400% in telehealth visits daily. It uses an open source platform to integrate with telehealth vendors. The company said that implementing telehealth services into its software was not part of its original plans. It will, however, continue to offer its telehealth services for free until Sept. 30 to existing clients of its AthenaOne EHR.


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