Andharban Forest Trek: Explore the Dark Forest

Andharban Forest

Andharban Forest is an ideal destination for most travelers craving a thrilling experience like these in forests. It is an evergreen Sahyadri forest located at an elevation of 2160ft in the Tamhini Ghats and is about 13 km in length. Andharban literally translates to Dark dense forest where Andhar means ‘Dark’ and ban means ‘dense forests’ in Marathi. It is called so because a major portion of the forest is dark and shady.  It usually takes around 5 hours to complete this 13 km of the trek. You can say that this is the most popular trek in Maharashtra and its popularity has attracted thousands of tourists from all over India.


Best time to go for this trek?

Monsoons are the best time to go for this trek because during monsoons it is one of the most freshening and energizing treks , a perfect one if you need to take a break from your daily routine. Also, one more reason to visit in this season is that this is the time when completely barren and dry mountainous lands turn into lush green meadows which is surely the heaven of Sahyadri. Besides monsoon, you can also trek post-monsoons as the dense forest still holds the chilly winter breezes and the monsoon waters.

Things to carry for this trek

  • Hat / Cap during daylight sun
  • 10-12 litres of water
  • Insect repellent ( because mosquitoes are the most annoying during these treks)
  • Cosmetics which includes cream, sunscreen, moisturizer, all types of soaps, lip balm, and other accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Rain cover / Rain coat
  • Extra pairs of dry clothes
  • Floaters / Sandals / trekking shoes which are waterproof and comfortable for trekking
  • Wallet and mobile cover all waterproof
  • First aid kit
  • Medicines for any kind if emergencies
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel Towel
  • Binoculars
  • Head torch / Normal torch because in the forest areas it is difficult to find electricity
  • Sleeping bags
  • Mosquito nets
  • Navigation Compass

Why visit the Andharban trek?

It is known as the heaven of Sahyadri because during monsoons the view which you get during our journey is something which you cannot get anywhere During this time you can witness exotic wildlife like the Indian giant squirrel and the chirping of birds like dwarf kingfishers, chaatak, Malabar whistling thrush etc. Not only this but the swirling of leaves and the gushing waterfalls.

 While walking through this jungle-covered in fog, you’ll witness wonderful views of the Kundalika valley,  hear mesmeric tiny and massive streams of water and gushing waterfalls, cross these huge water streams with the vale on one aspect, and examine of the water on the opposite with this mysterious forest waiting to amaze you with surprises at each turn! Referred to as a backpacker’s paradise, you’ll end up walking on a ridge with an awesome view of the Kundalika valley , Bhira dam, and therefore the various mountain ranges of Tamhini Ghats. Aside from beautiful views of the valley, you’ll continuously enjoy many different flora and fauna.


Although the forest will get quite dark, particularly because of the presence of fog throughout the rains, the path throughout is extremely clearly visible, with very little chance of going awry. Trekkers ought to be careful of leeches. We advise you to wear full-sleeve/length garments. There are markers set by previous travelers to mark ways to avoid. In many places, fallen tree logs are placed horizontally across trails that require to be avoided.

There are marks which are made in forests to guide the travelers with their way during their journey. The main attractive point for this trek is the waterfalls which you will come across your way. Thes rushing waterfalls during monsoons are the highest picture clicking site for people and you can get a perfect picture of yours during this season.


These waterfall sites are another heavenly experience for the travelers and sometimes in the presence of sunlight you can all witness the eye-catching moment where the waterfall and the land are connected with a rainbow and that is something which people die to witness (I am).

The foliage is extremely thick here and you’ll be treading on soft grass or a forest floor lined with dense fallen leaves. The best half is that Andharban is additionally an awfully fashionable spot for night trekking, therefore if you wish to up the journey adventurous, do seek trekking in the dead night but within the company of a knowledgeable guide.

The reason behind the darkness of this forest is that the sunlight scarcely penetrates through the thick canopy layers of the tree thus making the place mysterious and more fun to an adventure. But the bonus point is that it is this mystery and darkness which attracts the tourists to visit this place. Because imagine, Walking through these dense and deep trees with a little daylight finding your own way; doesn’t it sound exciting?


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