8 Ways to Support Friends and Loved Ones In Need

When a friend or a family member is going through difficult times, it’s only natural that you want to do everything you can to support them. However, it’s not always clear what are the best ways to help. Here are a few ways you can support your friends and loved ones in need:

Find Them Help

After a person decides they want to improve their lives, the next step is to find help. However, this is not an easy process, but with a little help from a loved one, they can find a medication program or a recovery center that fits their needs without a lot of hassle.

For instance, if your loved one is a woman suffering from addiction, a women’s recovery center can offer them invaluable support in many ways, including addiction support, group counseling, relapse prevention counseling, and anger management, among other benefits.

Counsel Them

Most people don’t like sharing their problems with a stranger, as it can sometimes feel unsafe. However, they will gladly confide in a close friend or a loved one. And if they feel comfortable sharing their problems with you, they are more likely to adhere to your advice.


And if you are unsure what type of advice to offer, don’t let your friend or family member down, as there are many online guidance resources you can explore.

Listen Attentively

When someone is going through a tough time, they may feel like they need to talk about everything that’s happening. So, if you want to help, it’s best to be patient and just let them talk and listen without interruption. Giving them an opportunity to share their feelings may even help them get closure on the issue.

Offer Financial Assistance

Dealing with addiction or any other problem is challenging, but it can be even more difficult when one is low on cash to cater for any medication or transport when going for therapy. That is why you should help where you can as a good friend by offering to pay for any expenses in their recovery process.

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Be There for Them

Sometimes you might not have the financial capacity to aid your loved one in recovery, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help at all. You can offer emotional support, which might mean being there every step of the way.


Drive them to group therapy, accompany them to the doctor, and be there in their darkest hour.

Help Them Set Goals

The recovery process takes time, and sometimes it is easy to get frustrated if you are not getting results, which is why setting goals is of the essence. Try to make your loved one understand that recovery takes place in steps and cannot be realized overnight.

If they can set achievable goals and focus on the bigger picture, it might motivate them to keep pushing forward.

Don’t Forget To Take Care of Yourself

Having problems with substance use is not only harmful to the person who is suffering but also affects everyone close. And since most family members or friends might put the needs of their loved ones above their own, it can result in a lack of self-care.

When you are not able to take care of yourself, you may suffer from depression or other illnesses, which means you won’t even be able to take care of your loved one. So, before taking the next step to take care of someone else, ensure you take care of your emotional, physical, and mental well-being first.


Educate Yourself About Substance Use

As with any other illness, the more informed you are, the better you can handle the problem. So, if you want to help yourself and your loved one, seek more knowledge on substance abuse.

You should learn things like treatment methods, substance abuse causes, or other helpful information. While at it, remember that this is not the right time to lecture your loved ones.

Bottom Line

Helping a loved one face any challenges in life is not only beneficial to them, but it can also bring you joy. When everyone in your family or social circle is healthy or not dealing with any problem, it means a happier life. So, if you want to help a loved one turn their life around, the above tips will come in handy.


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