7 Tooth brushing Mistakes You’re Making Unknowingly

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Since childhood, brushing one’s teeth has been a morning routine for everyone. Since we all simply embraced it as a part of our personal hygiene, you may have never attended a masterclass on it or any training. What if, though, we said that you might have been performing it incorrectly all these years, and no one informed you of it?

Shocking, right?

Worry not! This article is curated to help you understand what mistakes you may be making while brushing your teeth. We have added some expert recommendations as well on how you can rectify them for ensuring healthy teeth and a smile.

Read on.

Mistake 1: Not using the right toothbrush

Many people are unaware of the things to consider before buying a toothbrush. If you are one of those who either purchase their toothbrush by being fascinated by an advertisement or its appearance, trust us, you are doing it all wrong.

The right toothbrush needs to provide you with a thorough cleaning, which is why it must be able to reach all the places in your mouth. Additionally, it should also have soft bristles that would bend and get right under the gum to remove all the accumulated plaque. The head of the toothbrush must be appropriate as per the size of your mouth. These are some non-negotiable parameters so keep them as a priority in your checklist.

Mistake 2: Going back and forth while brushing

That is not how you brush your teeth! PERIOD.


You don’t go left and right with your toothbrush on your teeth, all rushing with the process. It will not only damage the tooth structure but will also harm your gums.

The right way to brush your teeth is by using a massage approach and not a scrubbing one. You start with the gum and move to the teeth in an up-and-down circular motion while applying moderate pressure. If you are not doing it this way, brushing your teeth every day won’t bring you any good.

Mistake 3: You either brush for seconds or for too long.

Many people either get done brushing their teeth in 30 to 45 seconds or keep on doing it for 4-5 minutes. Doing it for seconds may not clean your teeth properly, and food and plaque may not be removed completely from your teeth. Brushing for too long can damage your teeth and gums to make them weak.

So, if we ask, do you know the right duration for which you should brush your teeth?

It’s 2 minutes. That’s it. 2 minutes every day of brushing with the right technique can help you maintain flawless oral hygiene.

Mistake 4: Not including flossing in your brushing ritual

It is believed that brushing will do the job of keeping your teeth healthy. But, that’s a myth.

Flossing is equally important to clean your teeth thoroughly. If you are not doing it, start by doing it for one or two teeth and increase the count at your pace. Eventually, you will reach a stage where you will be flossing your whole mouth, and there will be no room left for bad breath and cavities.


Mistake 5: Leaving your tongue while brushing

Brushing isn’t limited to your teeth and gums. Your tongue also needs to be included in your brushing process because it is the general cause of bad breath.

We recommend that you either brush your tongue with a toothbrush or clean it with a tongue scraper. It will remove the germs from your mouth, thus reducing any possibility of bad breath.

Mistake 6: Not using the right toothpaste

Using just any toothpaste may cost you your oral health. Be it a whitening toothpaste or one with a spinach extract, we would recommend you to leave such things to the dentist and for food. It is due to the reason that they consist of abrasive chemicals that can strip the teeth enamel, making them darker, resulting in need of teeth whitening service.

Thus, it is recommended that you use toothpaste that is the most natural and has the minimum abrasive nature. You can even consult a dentist who will help you with a recommendation based on the condition of your oral health.

Mistake 7: Brushing right after the meal


Do you hop on brushing right after a meal? We know it’s hard to resist the urge to clean your mouth of all the greasy food you had, but it isn’t a recommended practice. It may remove the enamel on your teeth.

Thus, it isrecommended that you take a gap of 30 minutes between a meal and brushing your teeth. Then it’s a green signal to wash off all the debris from your mouth.

Let’s conclude!

A healthy smile can help you with a lasting first impression. Make sure that you protect yourself by avoiding all the above-discussed mistakes you may be making in your everyday brushing schedule. In case you are looking to get consulted first on your oral and dental health, connect with one of the best dentists as you book your appointment now. You can even ask all the queries you may be struggling with at the moment from them.

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Dr. Sharda Patel runs a family dentistry in Pleasanton, CA. She is a graduate from the Tufts University of Dental Medicines.She is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the American Dental Education Association.She is thorough, caring, and dedicated to patient satisfaction and comfort.You may find her reading a paperback on weekends.


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