7 Tips from an Home Extensions and Renovations

Interior design for your home or office will set a mood and create the desired ambiance. An Melbourne house extensions has some ideas for you if you are trying to add a stunning and elegant touch or just want to give your space a quick update. 

Maybe you don’t want interior design, then maybe a home extension would be better. Some good examples of amazing design were the home extensions. These extensions are amazing because they provide you with more room and extra life to the house.  

Add Functionality

Purchase a unique piece of furniture, the right accessories, or a simple lamp to make your space feel more like home. The allure of fresh paint can be instantaneously enhanced with the addition of a funky piece of art that simply cannot be missed. 

Add Style

You can make your style come to life with a few basic accessories and the right furniture. Give your space a fresh feel by picking out a bold, pop of color and adding modern design elements like Eames chairs or Lucite tables. You can also create a stunning look with pastels, neutrals, or dark colors.


Add Accessories

Accessories can be as simple as some pillows or a nice lamp. Get creative with the way you display your accessories in your space. Drapery panels, vases, candles, and other decor pieces will help create a beautiful look. It is all about the details, so pay attention to the small things. 

Change Your Space

Make a big change by decorating an entire room in one go.  Choose a color palette or some key design elements that you would like to incorporate throughout the space. Change your furniture, add different decor pieces and paint your walls. This may require some major renovations, but the change will be worth it! 


The Layout

Get creative with your furniture layout. You can add more style and interest to a room by moving around your existing furniture or by adding a unique piece to the mix. One great way to do this is by rotating your furniture so the focal point of one room becomes a different focal point in the next room. Another great tip is to make sure that your furniture is physically connected, even if it is just by one leg or just one table leg. 

Add Lighting

Good lighting can be the final touch on your interior design. A simple lamp will give you some added light and style in any space. 

How do I know if I need to redesign my home?

It depends on a few factors, like your goals and the scope of the project. For example, if you’re looking to sell your home in the next year, an update might be necessary to get the most money for it. 


If you have a bit of guidance, interior design is more than just decorating: it is the process of determining how space should be allocated so that it meets the needs and desires of those who will live there while also looking attractive and harmonious with its surroundings.

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