7 Myths on Porcelain Veneers you must Debunk


Porcelain veneers possess the ability to transform your smile as per your desire and requirements. With just a single day replacement it becomes the most transformative and versatile cosmetic dentistry process. People often come with crazy reasons and myths not to get porcelain veneers. But not all of them are factually correct.

Here, in this blog we are going to bust 7 common myths on porcelain veneers. Are you feeling excited to know them? Then read this blog.

Porcelain veneer breaks off immediately

Porcelain material is too fragile and it can break off easily. So, patients drop down the idea of getting it. Porcelain just states ceramic colour and the one uses in teeth are bulletproof vests over the one uses in china figurines.

After bonding on the teeth, it becomes stronger than ever. While most last for 9-10 years some may last for about 20 years as well. Visit the right dentist to seek high quality veneers which make you smile confident and lasts for long. 

It never looks good in the long run

After obtaining veneer treatment patients start thinking how it will look after 10 years. They think that it will become ugly due to stain and discolouration. But that is absolutely wrong. Porcelain veneer is really resistance to stain owning a shiny coating. It prevents the staining particles from penetrating into the veneer. On another flip your teeth have pores through which it seeps down and causing intrinsic discolouration. 


With little maintenance it can last 15-20 years in the long run. If nothing happens to its appearance in the end of its lifespan you don’t need to worry regarding it.

Due to the cracking, loosening and damage, all you need to do it is to replace the veneer. Remember, the underlying teeth of veneer are not resistance to stain. Hence discolouration to some extent is possible after long period of time.  

It seeks high maintenance

Due to the shiny sheen of porcelain veneer patients find it’s difficult to retain on this surface. However, this is not actually the case. You can floss and brush regularly as usual with veneer.

To ensure the long lasting of the coating make use of specific toothpaste. You need to brush using basic toothpaste at the same time. Coating will start wearing off after about long 11 years in the row.


It is painful to put on

For having usual porcelain veneers dentist needs to shed off minimal amount of the enamel. Although most patients have reported no discomfort yet dentist uses local anaesthesia for additional safety. A few percentages of patients start worrying regarding the teeth sensitivity to cold and hot. However, no patients have ever experienced any increase in the sensitivity on obtaining veneer treatment. 

You need to come into food restriction

Patients mistake porcelain veneer as a fragile material and start restricting their diet. However, there are only a couple of hard foods which dentist suggests not biting on. But you must not bite on non-edible items like nut shell or ice. Apart from these, you can relish on whatever food you want while having veneers. There isn’t like no-limit food at all.  

It is visible to everyone

You can opt for lumineers as the alternative of traditional veneers. It appears completely natural. It blends with the natural teeth and no one even notice them from a distance. Even it is possible that you have porcelain veneers and no one notice them due to precise work of the dentist. Only improper work of the dentist becomes prominent to the people. 


It offers normal smile as usual

If you end up by having normal smile as usual then it is the fault of your dentist. They lack from the knowledge of designing porcelain veneer as per your requirements. Most dentists provide customised design for the porcelain veneer so that it snugly fits your teeth improving your smile in the long run. You will have subtle and natural smile transformation in the end.

Find out if you are suitable to get porcelain veneer in London

Never allow the myths to ruin your dental treatment. Visit a clinic to understand whether you are eligible for dental veneer in London. By this way you can transform your smile for the years to arrive. Get an appointment today and consult with the dentist right away


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