6 Invisalign Tips & Tricks to Survive the First Week of Your Treatment

6 Invisalign Tips & Tricks

Are you ready to begin your journey towards a new bite and smile with your Invisalign? That’s great! Apart from treating various malocclusions, you can also wear Invisalign with missing teeth to slowly move your other teeth into correct alignment. They can also be used as temporary fake teeth.

But has your orthodontist or anyone prepared you for the first week of your treatment? Your first week or maybe the first couple of weeks with Invisalign can be a bit challenging.

Yes! One of the primary advantages of using Invisalign is that it’s free from wires and brackets. But the clear aligners also cause some discomfort in the initial period.

6 Invisalign Tricks for Surviving Initial Days of Treatment

The Invisalign tips and tricks mentioned here will help you swiftly go through the initial phase of your Invisalign treatment.

  1. Keep Your Invisalign Clean

The whole purpose of clear aligners is to treat your misalignment discreetly. Thus cleaning Invisalign is essential. The basic rule of eating and drinking anything only after removing aligners gets broken sometimes.

Those stains from your few sips of coffee and wine may show up and ruin the look of your clear aligners. Always keep your trays clean by spraying a cleaning spray or using a cleaning solution recommended by your orthodontist. You can also use cleaning crystals which are available. Unlike the common misconception it is fairly easy to figure out how to use Invisalign cleaning crystals


  • Cover the Sharp Edges

The aligners of your Invisalign come with sharp edges. So you need to protect your tongue from the sores and bruises. You will get specialized wax for your Invisalign. Roll it and cover the rough edges of Invisalign with it.

But if you think certain edges are too jagged to be covered with the Invisalign wax, contact your orthodontist. He or she can file them.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

In the first week, your body treats the Invisalign as a foreign object. So it produces extra saliva as a response. This may lead to dehydration. Therefore you need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and healthy fluids.


This way, you can also prevent the common issue of dry mouth with Invisalign. Also, water washes down the bacteria-causing leftover food particles from your mouth.

  • Be Careful While Removing Aligner

One of the most vital but underestimated Invisalign tricks is to be careful while removing it. Otherwise, you may get gashes in your mouth. This is because with passing time, your aligner tray snugs more tightly. Also, remember to keep your trays in the designated case only to prevent them from breaking or go missing.

There are special appliances designed to take aligners out of your mouth. You can ask your orthodontist about how you can get those.

  • Chew Regularly to Exercise Your Teeth

In the initial phase, you feel some pain and discomfort with your aligners. Chewing exercises help to get rid of these initial discomforts. One more benefit of chewing activity is that it keeps your teeth on track with your ongoing treatment.

Chewing may hurt when you begin it just after you get your aligners. But you will get used to it sooner if you keep practicing it.

  • Track Your Time With Invisalign on

You can eat and drink anything after removing your aligners. That’s one of the many advantages of using Invisalign. At the same time, it’s compulsory to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. That restricts your time to eat, drink, and brush to 2 hours.

Track the time whenever you remove Invisalign. Enjoying this freedom too much can cost you a delay in your treatment. You only need to track it for the first few weeks. Then you will know how to manage your mealtimes.

Parting Words

These 6 Invisalign tips and tricks are enough for you to land on the other side of your initial treatment phase. Afterward, it’s your time to enjoy the various advantages of using Invisalign! You may ask your orthodontist also for advice regarding Invisalign care.

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