6 Best Outdoor Adventure Vacation Destinations in the US for Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

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What do you think about resort vacations? That’s right, just basking at the beach and doing nothing but eating and drinking for days is not that fun. If you’re an adventurer at heart and want to spend your vacation being active, engaged, and improving your body, don’t worry. The USA is huge and diverse, so you can find many destinations perfect for a health and fitness enthusiast like you. Here are just some of the destinations in the country that will satisfy your adventure spirit:

Acadia National Park              

New England has only one national park, but one worthy of all praise and attention. Acadia National Park covers Mount Desert Island, a very unique place full of rocks, drama, and mystery as it plunges into the Atlantic Ocean. The inland of the park is blessed with thick forests interrupted by lakes and stunning mountain views all adventurers dream about. The tallest peak on the Atlantic coast—Cadillac Mountain—can’t be missed. And don’t let the closeness of Boston fool you, because Acadia is very wild, very exciting, and much less crowded than you’d expect.

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Portland, Oregon

Portland is a true Pacific city, perfect for all people with an open mind and body ready for adventure. And the best thing about this destination is that you don’t have to venture far away from the city limits to have a fun adventure outdoors. You can visit Forest Park that covers 5,000 acres of Oregon greenery. In the city itself, you can go exploring many open-air markets

and enjoy locally-made treats and goods, which can be an adventure for the whole family. And those who are willing to leave the city, just outside of Portland there’s gorgeous Mount Hood with its hikeable peaks, endless trails and world-class skiing. Those looking for water adventures can visit nearby Columbia River Gorge and try to find its many waterfalls.

Gulf of Mexico

If you love the ocean, scorching temperatures and plenty of outdoor things to do all year round, then the area of the Gulf of Mexico is the best destination for you. There are two stars on the US side that stand out in the Gulf: New Orleans and south Florida—both extremely rich in outdoor activities as well as amazing food and friendly people who will heal your soul. If you want to be as south as possible in the Gulf yet still stay in the US (maybe even have access to Mexico) simply look for Brownsville apartments right on the border and you’ll get yourself a perfect base for your adventures. From there, it’s easy to book Laguna Atascosa tours, charter a fishing boat from Port Isabel or try kiteboarding in South Padre Island. Brownsville is also beautiful and fun, so don’t miss a chance to explore this little city as well.


Pacific Coast Highway

How is a highway an outdoorsy adventure? Well, when in California, don’t miss a chance to grab a car and hit this wonderful road trip, and you’ll see why Pacific Coast Highway deserves to be on this list. While on the road from San Diego to San Francisco, make sure to count in plenty of multi-day stops. You will get to pass through LA, San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle and many picturesque coastal towns of Monterey. And when you arrive in San Francisco, the adventure can continue with exploring Mount Sutro, San Francisco Bay Trail or enjoying an outdoor wine tasting. Alcatraz ghost tour is also a fun adventure that will test not your body this time, but your nerves.


Yellowstone is one of the biggest, most famous national parks in the world, and there’s a great reason why. This collection of peaks and lakes is a true treat for all outdoorsy fitness lovers—you can discover hot springs, hike through forests and watch as explosive geysers reach for the sky. Nature is unspoiled and untouched and the park as a whole is extraordinary. As you explore over 3,000 miles of waterfalls, geysers, mountains and meadows, keep an eye on animal natives like buffalo, elk and an occasional bear!



No matter what destination you choose in Hawaii, you’re going to have a lot of fun. From diving and fishing to hiking and mountain biking, Hawaii islands have all it takes for an adventurous holiday. If you want a recommendation, maybe consider Halawa. There you can pay a visit to Kohala Zipline and glide through trees and over tropical ravines. The quarter-mile zip ends in a dramatic plunge towards the ocean at great speeds so get ready for that one! Plus, all guides working there are very knowledgeable about the destination and can teach you plenty of new things—it’s an adventure for both body and mind.

The USA is so big and so beautiful, that you’d need several lifetimes to explore all perfect outdoor adventures hiding in it, but if you start with these ones, you’ll get a good head start and satisfy your love of adrenaline, fitness and fun.


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